Monday, November 30, 2009

Blackberry Video

Foster and I wanted a cheap way to grab some First Person View (FPV) footage to show to our professors, friends, and family as a proof of our concept. We decided to cut a hole in our Easy Star air plane fuselage to mount my Blackberry Curve. Mounted in our airframe my Blacberry could capture low quality video. I bought a 2 Gigabyte SD card from Rite Aid for $19.99 to increase video storage space and the phone was ready to film. Although the video quality is rather poor we think the smartphone serves as a cool platform to broadcast FPV in real time through its data channel. The mobile app Ustream could help us and others broadcast live video streams to the internet. Now I just have to convince my friend to mount his iphone 3GS onboard and we'll get some better quality!

This flight below was filmed with the Blackberry. We were flying RC but will be integrating attopilot into our easy star as soon as it arrives.

UPDATE: The new Motorola Droid phone has the capability of broadcasting 720 X 480 video live through Qik. See an example video here.