Sunday, December 13, 2009

Attopilot Case Design/Build

Given the high cost and delicacy of the Attopilot, we designed a case to protect the device from impact in the event of a crash. We wanted to strike a balance between accessibility and protection. This meant being able to remove the Attopilot from the case with ease while also ensuring a tight and secure fit.

We started with some basic pencil and paper sketches before moving on to a 3D Google Sketchup model and then the real deal. We made a box out of plexiglass (cut by an exacto knife and fixed with super glue) and hot glued packing foam to the walls. For vertical stability we glued some EPP foam to the underside of the top of the case. We also built a removable door with holes for the two 1/4 inch silicon pressure sensor tubes. It is secured in place with an elastic band for easy access.

Sketchup model of the case without the foam or the removable door (download the file here)

Notice the opening in the top to run the wires out of the case

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