Sunday, December 6, 2009

Google Earth Vs. Colby: I-95

Here's a comparison of the image we captured roughly 250 feet above I-95 to the same stretch of highway in Google earth. Our picture below has no post-processing digital zoom. We used our Pentax Optio A40 12 megapixel camera fixed below the wing of our EPP Hornet to grab the shot. This image represents the photo quality which we'll use to construct aerial maps.


  1. Very impressive!! Could you stitch together a whole series of these so as to able to offer a "flat panoramic" of a large area? And then could you overlay GPS or other metadata (a tax map?) on top of that?

  2. James,

    That's our end goal. We'd like to make high resolution GIS maps of particular areas. A tax meta data layer would make for an interesting display.

  3. The other thing I'd like to do is to be able to "draw" in trails and annotate the map in other ways. That could be very useful when overlaid with a tax map and topo lines. Would that be possible?

  4. James,
    Anything that you could do with Google maps, you could do with these images after we are finished stitching them,