Sunday, January 31, 2010

Placing our pictures on the globe

Over Jan Plan I worked with Manny Gimond in Colby's Geographic Information System (GIS) lab. Manny taught me how to georeference our aerial photos using ArcGIS software. We use the software to ultimately assign a latitude/longitude coordinate to each pixel within our aerial photo. Once georeferenced our imagery can then be used by popular GIS software like Google Earth.

The tie lines here show points where pixels in our aerial image match points found in an already georeferenced aerial map. ArcGIS software uses the tie lines we demarcate to georeference our image.

Here's a screenshot of ArcGIS showing our georeferenced aerial photo of Colby's new football field. Soon we'll be able to use our UAV's on board GPS unit to record the place (lat/long coordinates) at which each of our images are taken. In the future this GPS meta-data will help us automate the georeferencing process.

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