Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manta EPP Build

After weeks of waiting around for parts all of the parts of our new UAV airframe came and we started building.

Here is an outline of the materials we used,
EPP Manta Flying Wing from Rob @
Packing and covering tape from

Following the build directions sent to us by Rob and Gary Mortimer, the build took 6 hours max. During the build we documented the process.

Cutting the hole for the HS81 servo with a pocket knife in the wing.
After installing the servo, we sank the control line into the foam so that it wouldn't effect the covering of the plane.
The tremendous amount of space in the Manta makes it easy and stress free to pack all of the batteries, camera and Attopilot sensors and wires into the fuselage.
Our RX-7 Radio for scale.
Now that the servos and motor are installed its time to cover the wing.
A closer look...
After spraying the bottom of wing with 3mm spray on adhesive, we covered the leading and trailing edges with packing tape. In addition we covered spots that we thought would have contact in landing, like the bottom of the fuselage.
Next we covered the fuselage with covering tape. Despite flying a British/South African design and built aircraft, we went with a USA theme covering job.
The covering tape is much lighter than the packing tap and provides structural support and protection of the EPP foam.
A closer look...
To keep weight down, we minimized overlap and only put down one layer.
The finished, patriotic product.

The directions were vary easy and the build went off with out a hitch. Stay tuned for attopilot install pictures.

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